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Your classic Sprinkle Babe a little more covered than the Birthday Suit.

Ready for a party, dress it up dress it down, or no excuse at all! Maybe you just have a hankering for cake that doesn't have a million ingredients added to preserve it on some grocery store shelf for ages

More options for flavors & colors

(More sizes coming soon)

Sprinkle Babe

Color Palette
  • Flour (wheat), sugar, eggs (eggs), milk (dairy/milk), butter (dairy/milk), vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, salt (cocoa powder for chocolate, marble and red velvet cakes)

    Buttercream: Egg whites (eggs), powdered sugar, castor sugar, butter (dairy/milk), vegetable shortening, (various fruit jams and jellies/ cocoa powder and chocolate)

    Allergens: please be advised that our baked goods are made in a facility that processes and may contain: wheat, milk, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts

  • Cake size 6" round, 3 layer of generous cake and filling serves 12-15

    (minimal choices for non-custom cakes)

    **please contact me for availability prior to purchase to confirm availability.

    Minimum of 2 weeks is needed in advance

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